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What is the SeaJet

It's a premium version of a sports car made for fun on the water and a competitor to the Jetski models. It is very well proven in the water sports industry. Fully certified and designed to EU and American recreational shipbuilding standards.
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*The boat already includes: dashboard, rudder, two leather sport seats, gas pedal, wiring, pump to pump water out of the engine compartment


Body color


Steering wheel color
Seat color

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Total $25000
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Who we are?

We are a JetCar manufacturing company located in UAE Dubai. The production area is about 3000m2. Until today, we are well established all over the world, for example in Spain, some EU countries, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Briefly about our product: We have two versions of McLaren with front and rear headlights. McLaren version without headlights. Jetcar is fully certified and easy to register in the EU.

We use only marine materials in the production of the jetcar, such as gelcoat and polyester model C188. Inside the jetcar we pump polyurethane foam in the same way as in the boats. The entire body structure is made of fiberglass in 4 and 6 layers.

Jetcar comes with:

steering_wheelSteering wheel
carbon_fiber_panelCarbon fiber panel
electric_panelElectric panel
Headlights front/rearHeadlights front/rear
gas_pedalGas pedal
accelerator_pedal_cableAccelerator pedal cable
bilge_pumpBilge pump
two_leather_sport_seatsTwo leather sport seats
three_traction_unitsThree traction units (1 front, 2 rear)